“Currently, 2.3 million people are imprisoned in the U.S; 77 million have a criminal record. 650,000 prisoners are released each year, and about two-thirds return to jail or prison within two to three years. ~27% of formerly incarcerated people are unemployed. Incarcerated people have a median annual income that is 41% less than non-incarcerated people.” (Prison Policy Initiative, 2021)

Recidivism is measured by criminal acts resulting in rearrest, reconviction, and/or return to prison with or without a new sentence during a three-year period following the inmate’s release.

What can we draw from this data that deserves attention? It’s the fact that two-thirds of those released from jail or prison end up being re-arrested by the 3-year mark.

VITALIS is on a mission to change this by being the intermediary between jails, prisons, correctional facilities, and employers. By creating more defined and structured pathways to employment (starting locally), we can start to give those exiting jail or prison a second chance that elevates them in society rather than leave them unprepared, oppressed, marginalized, and ultimately un-employed (which only increases the recidivism rate).

Please follow us on the mission. If you are associated with this field in any way and want to help be a part of the VITALIS mission don't hesitate to reach out.

e: tuttle.e@northeastern.edu

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